Remote Viewers RV14 No voice from the hall

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone, noise generator; Adrian Northover, sopranino saxophone, soprano saxophone, pocket theremin; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Caroline Kraabel, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone; John Edwards, double bass, electric bass; Mark Sanders, drums, percussion.
  1. The trouble with fiction (03.49)
  2. No voice from the hall [a. Hints and allusions; b. Improvisation (JE/DP/MS); c. Unwanted bond; d. Improvisation (JE/AN/MS); e. A million words; f. Improvisation (CK/DP); g. Wires watched; h. Improvisation (all); i. Sunday service] (31.50)
  3. Screens and uniforms (05.07)
Tracks 1 and 3 recorded at Oxo Tower Studios; track 2 recorded at Eastcote Studios, nd (2016?).

Cover art/design (reproduced above) by Adrian Northover.

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