Remote Viewers RV8 To the north

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone; Adrian Northover, soprano saxophone; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone; Caroline Kraabel, alto and baritone saxophones; John Edwards, double bass; Mark Sanders, drums; Rosa Lynch-Northover, marimba (7).
  1. Journey to the border (03.54)
  2. The lure of heresy (04.38)
  3. Saturation bombing (10.17)
  4. All the conspirators (07.28)
  5. The high place (04.20)
  6. To the north (03.42)
  7. The memorial (08.22)
Recorded at Eastcote Studios, London, 20 May 2010.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Susan Lynch; cover design by Adrian Northover.

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