Remote Viewers RV9 Nerve cure

The Remote Viewers

David Petts, tenor saxophone; Adrian Northover, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone; Sue Lynch, tenor saxophone, flute; Caroline Kraabel, baritone saxophone (track 7); John Edwards, double bass, harp; Adam Bohman, bowed objects (track 4); Rosa Lynch-Northover, piano, percussion.
  1. Full universe (06.46)
  2. Intricate with spires (03.52)
  3. Hive mind (03.28)
  4. Long weekend (06.00)
  5. Forgotten corners (03.35)
  6. War with the outer countries (04.23)
  7. Grids (07.49)
  8. Nerve cure (08.37)
Recorded at Oxo Tower Studios, London, 2011.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Sue Lynch; cover design by Adrian Northover.

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