Teldec Import Service TIS 66.23921 Kino: studio opera with EROC

Hans Reichel/Eroc

Hans Reichel, guitar, daxophone; Eroc, drums, guitar, bass.

  1. Sari's waltz (05.25)
  2. Old bones (05.05)
  3. Grey brother (04.35)
  4. Fancy blue (04.25)
  5. Onkel boskopp (08.25)
  6. The Knödler show (05.25)
  7. Hallo Heinz (04.30)
'Composed, messed up, mended, blended, and bravely performed by Hans Reichel and Eroc.'

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Hans Reichel; photograph by Sari Furuya.

Re-released in 1997 as The return of Onkel Boskopp on CD Repertoire Records REP 4688-WY. Track 5, Onkel Boskopp, has an additional 1 minute 40 seconds on the reissue; track 6, The Knödler show, has an additional 35 seconds on the reissue. The reissue also includes two tracks not appearing on Kino, Hattnatten & Little waltz.

Many thanks to David Keffer for providing all this information.

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