Rönnells/Håll Tjäften TJÄFT 002 Friends of the bumblebee

Various musicians

  1. Jim O'Rourke: Law & order 3 am est (04.33)
  2. Leh Elggren: The paving stone is the weapon of the proleteriat No. 3 (03.23)
  3. Mats Gustafsson [Alva Melvin, bass; Yrsa Keysendal, piano; Lotta Melin, live electronics, turntable; MG, turntables, live electronics]: The beginning (03.59); recorded 10 May 2002 at Blue Tower Studios
  4. David Grubbs: The name of ecstasy (04.48); recorded April 2002 at Studio 364, Brooklyn, NY
  5. Dan Fröberg, glass instruments; Jerry Johansson, sitar; Rakel and Klara Bergman Fröberg, voices: Till Ann (06.10); recorded May 2002 at the Pinkhouse
  6. Thurston Moore: Tennis sisters (05.11); recorded 2002 at Studio Concrete, NYC
  7. Rozenhall: Regaining consciousness (02.20)
  8. Mats Lindström: Götterdämmerung II (02.46)
  9. Bob Hund: Indianernas folkpark (15.44); recorded in Tambourine Studios.
  10. Elis Ernst Ericksson: (00.07)
All cover art, photography and design by Dan Fröberg; front cover reproduced above.
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