Vinyl VS 113 Improvisations are forever now

Barry Guy/Howard Riley/Phil Wachsmann

Barry Guy, double bass; Howard Riley, piano; Phil Wachsmann, violin.

Trio 1 (05.00), Trio 2 (05.15), Trio 3 (03.50), Trio 4 (06.18), Trio 5 (05.40), Trio 6 (03.46), Trio 7 (05.43), Trio 8 (05.57).

Recorded at Riverside Studios, London on 20 December 1977.

'The music on this recording is the result of one afternoon spent in Riverside Studios, where the approach to playing was that of a live concert. After playing together in various combinations the three musicians decided it would be a stimulating situation to record in as spontaneous a way as possible.'

Cover design (reproduced above) by Barry Guy. Record bears shorter title: Improvisations are forever.

LP issued in 1978; re-issued on Emanem CD 4070 in May 2002.

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