¿What Next? WN0012 Komunguitar

Jin Hi Kim

Jin Hi Kim, komungo, electric komungo; Elliott Sharp, double-neck guitar bass, saxophone; Derek Bailey, guitar; Henry Kaiser, electric guitar; Eugene Chadbourne, banjo; Hans Reichel, electric guitar; David First, electric guitar.
  1. Point [JHK/ES] (07.49); recorded at Steirischer Herbst '92, Stainach, Austria
  2. Company [JHK/DB] (08.56); recorded at Company Week '92, London
  3. Yongary meets Big Foot [JHK/HK] (04.31); recorded San Francisco and New York, 1993
  4. Naby [JHK] (08.56); recorded at Center for Contemporary Arts, Santa Fe, 1991
  5. Howdy partner [JHK/EC] (05.36); recorded at Taklos '91, Rote Fabrik, Zurich
  6. Yellow seed [JHK] (07.49); recorded NYC
  7. Gut morgen [JHK/HR] (03.34); recorded at Free Music Production, Berlin, 1993
  8. Slow view picnic [JHK/DF] (05.29); recorded NYC, 1992
Front cover design (reproduced above) by James McCaffry.

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