Victo cd015 Oh Moscow

Lindsay Cooper

Lindsay Cooper, bassoon, alto and sopranino saxophones; Alfred 23 Harth, tenor saxophone, clarinet; Hugh Hopper, electric bass; Marilyn Mazur, drums; Phil Minton, trumpet, voice; Elvira Plenar, piano, synthesizer; Sally Potter, texts, voice.

  1. England descending (07.46)
  2. The allies (05.30)
  3. Lovers (04.10)
  4. Oh the passing of time, Europe (04.12)
  5. Liberty bonds (06.38)
  6. On German soil (07.20)
  7. Curtain descending (03.10)
  8. Prayer (09.57)
  9. Forgotten fruit (04.23)
  10. Oh Moscow (06.21)
Recorded live at the 7ième Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, Canada on 8 October 1989.

Graphics (front cover reproduced above) by François Bienvenue.

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