Victo cd092 Five men singing

Jaap Blonk/Koichi Makigami/Paul Dutton/Phil Minton/David Moss

Jaap Blonk, voice; Koichi Makigami, voice; Paul Dutton, voice; Phil Minton, voice; David Moss, voice.

  1. No drone rising (07.03)
  2. Cappa (02.43)
  3. Quiet neighbours moaning (06.43)
  4. Six Cobbings (06.59)
  5. Haiku sonic (09.12)
  6. Ten tones high (04.54)
  7. Four way four (03.08)
  8. Nosing: a round (03.41)
  9. Tough and rumble (07.48)
  10. Five men singing (07.20)
Recorded live at Victoriaville at the 20th Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville on 16 May 2003.

Photographs (front cover reproduced above) JB by Arthur Nieuwenhuijs; KM by Ayako Makigami; PD by Steve Payne; PM and DM by Martin Morissette; graphics by François Bienvenue.

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