Dancing Wayang Records DWR005 Needs!

Mats Gustafsson

Mats Gustafsson, "live-electronic and bug treatments & related activities of baritone and slide saxophones".

  1. Needs! - to The Ex
  2. Sources of such - to Sten Sandell
  3. Ethiopian swing - to Lello Jarvis
  4. Language of y(our)s - to Clay Ketter
  5. The written and spoken such - to Leif Elggren
  6. Can yours bark? - to The Thang
  7. Forever strictly forbidden - to Sten Hansson
  8. Surrounded by short reflexes - to Raymond Strid
  9. It's amore - to Johan, Mariam & andreas
  10. Freak pipeline - to John Corbett
This is a 180 gram vinyl-only release, the first five tracks on side 1 and the last five on side 2. Limited to 500 copies. The first 100 copies came with a specially-produced and limited 3" CDR with additional tracks from the same session.

Recorded 11 April 2010 at Eastcote Studios, London.

Artwork (front cover reproduced above) by Mathias Pöschl; silkscreens by Midori Ogata and Anna Tjan.

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