Winter & Winter 910 146-2 Toi-même

Noël Akchoté

Noël Akchoté, electric guitars; Han Bennink, drums; Kevin Blechdom, vocals, piano, banjo, jaw harp; Jean-Louis Costes, vocals, piano; John Giorno, voice, poetry; Brad Jones, double bass; Otto Lechner, accordion; Fritz Ostermayer, vocals, laptop, electronics; Red, vocals, electric guitar; Sebastien Reier, turntables; Andrew Sharpley, vocals, keyboards, sampler; Laetitia Shériff, vocals, baritone guitar, electric bass.

  1. Introduction "Chez Fernand" (04.29)
  2. True love will find you in the end (03.09)
  3. Please please please/Gravity (04.20)
  4. Coming from the south (10.07)
  5. Le cul qui fait coucou (03.00)
  6. Cosmos sonic (05.28)
  7. Wish I were small again (07.04)
  8. Thanx 4 nothing (09.14)
  9. C'est extra (05.13)
  10. Papa, ne mens pas (03.20)
  11. Inner city blues (make me wanna holler) (06.40)
  12. Comfortin' my comforter/Dr. Stein/Lawyer's lament/Believe the children (11.58)
  13. Das feuer/Der fuchs und die gänse (03.58)
Recorded at La Dynamo, Pantin, France on 15/16 March 2008.

Photography (front cover reproduced above) by Magdalena Blaszczuk; layout and design by Winter & Winter.

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