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By Derek Bailey

Bailey, Derek (1992). Improvisation, its nature and practice in music. The British Library, 0 7123 0506 8. What should really be the first port of call for anyone interested in the topic, whether new to the subject or having some playing or listening experience. Deals with issues wider than within Europe. First published 1980 by Moorland Publishing, 9-11 Station Street, Ashbourne, Derbyshire; 0 903485 73 7. The first edition of the book was translated into Italian, French, Japanese, Dutch and German, and published in the US by Prentice-Hall. The revised edition was published in the US by Da Capo in October 1993.

As a result of the first edition of Improvisation, a four-part television series On the edge was commissioned for (UK) Channel 4 and the showing of this coincided (more or less) with the publication of the second edition.

Writings on/interviews with Derek Bailey

See also the online full text interviews.

Ansell, Kenneth (1977), Derek Bailey, Impetus, no. 6, pp. 242-244. Interview; whole issue devoted to Company and includes: Anthony Braxton; Evan Parker; Steve Lacy; Han Bennink; Leo Smith; Steve Beresford; Paul Rutherford; Tristan Honsinger; Lol Coxhill; Maarten van Regteren Altena; Terry Day; Misha Mengleberg.

Baxter, Ed (1992), Derek Bailey, Variant, no. 11, (Spring), pp. 50-55. An interview with Ed Baxter.

Corbett, John (1994), Derek Bailey, free retirement plan, in Extended play: sounding off from John Cage to Dr. Funkenstein. Duke University Press, 0 8223 1473 8. pp. 228-246.

Corbett, John (1996), Have guitar, will travel: from free jazz to jungle, guitarist Derek Bailey confounds for a living, Pulse!, March, p. 59.

Dalton, John (1978), 'It's not a question of why be a free improviser - it's a question of what else?', Guitar, vol. 6, no. 10, (May), pp. 19-22. Also includes, on page 9 of the same issue, three short guitar studies by Derek Bailey.

Fordham, John (1997), Introducing DJ Derek, The Guardian, April 14, (Guardian G2 section), pp. 12-13.

Frere-Jones, Sasha (1996), Finger food: the incredible improvisations and interactions of Derek Bailey, Village voice, October 8.

Herrington, Tony (1997), Editor's idea, The Wire, no. 156, (February), p. 5. Enthusiastic editorial covering a London drums 'n' bass gig involving Derek Bailey and the release of Music & dance on the Revenant label. Jaworzyn, Stefan (1996), Old sights, new sounds, Resonance, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 42-46. Derek Bailey about working in Japan.

Lee, Stewart (1996), The beat goes on; evolving from jungle, drum'n'bass has grown up and is entering rock's mainstream, Sunday Times, 19 January, (Culture, section 11), p. 25. Article on the jungle CD, with some background information, comparing the CD very favourably to a contemporaneous effort by David Bowie.

Lockett, Mark (1990), Derek Bailey: CEO of free music EAR, vol. 15, no. 2, (April), pp. 22-25.

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Spera, Fabrizio, Chang, Paolo and Achilli, Alessandro (1995), Derek Bailey, Musiche, no. 17, (Spring), pp. 22-31. In Italian; includes an interview, two CD reviews, and a discography, with acknowledgements to Richard Shapiro and this Web site.

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