Hans Schneider

Started playing in 1964 in a variety of beat, rock and jazz groups, joining the Georg Graewe Quintet in 1974. This has been a long standing working relationship which has included work with the GrubenKlangOrchester, though with a break from around 1983 and resurrected in 1990 to produce, among other things, the excellent recorded work of Spellings by Frisque Concordance.

Another long working relationship was formed with Wolfgang Fuchs in 1978 via a trio with Klaus Huber on drums, through Xpact with Erhard Hirt on guitar and Paul Lytton on percussion and the foundation, with Fuchs, Hirt and others, of the King Ubu Orchestru.

Hans Schneider was organiser of the first 'Internationale tage fur improvisierte musik' in Leverkusen in 1982 and was organiser and art director for the 1990 'Tage der improvisierten musik' [Days of improvised music] in Leverkusen. His list of collaborators includes Floros Floridis, Maggie Nichols, Peter Kowald, John Tchicai, Alex von Schlippenbach, Phil Minton, Sven-Ake Johansson, Kenny Wheeler, Peter Broetzmann, John Russell, David Moss, Gerry Hemingway, Alan Tomlinson, Klaus Koch, Phil Wachsmann, Gunter Christmann, Robert Dick, Evan Parker, Sebi Tramontana, Carlos Zingaro, and Fred van Hove.

Current working ensembles include the Hans Schneider-Dorothea Schurch Duett - music for double bass and voice; Xpact [new version] with Dorothea Schurch and Paul Lytton, a trio/quartet with Paul Rutherford, Paul Lovens /and John Russell, and the 'Gratkowski Chamber Trio' with English tuba player Melvyn Poore and Frank Gratkowski.


1976, New movements, FMP 0320. Georg Graewe Quintet.
1977, Pink Pong, FMP 0480. Georg Graewe Quintet.
1978, Momente, FMP 0610. Wolfgang Fuchs, Hans Schneider, Klaus Huber.
1978, Who is who?, FMP SAJ-23. The Berlin Jazz Workshop Orchestra.
1982, Bergmannsleben, CMP 0018. The GrubenKlangOrchester.
1983, Echo, Uhlklang UK 3. Berliner Austausch Dienst.
1983, Frogman's view, Uhlklang UK 5. Xpact: Wolfgang Fuchs, Erhard Hirt, Hans Schneider, Paul Lytton.
1983 Adonis, jnd 1/CP 962. Paul Lytton, Hans Schneider, Floros Floridis, and Pinguin Moschner.
1984, Music is music is..., Uhlklang UK 6. King Ubu Orchestru.
1985, Ellispontos, jnd III-A. Paul Lytton, Hans Schneider, Floros Floridis, and Phil Wachsmann.
1985, Waterloo 1985, Emanem 4030. Parker/Rutherford/Schneider/Lytton.
1992 Loft, Hybrid CD 3. Stefan Keune trio.
1991, Chamber works, RA003.
1992, Spellings, RA001. Marvellous free music from Frisque Concordance.
1993, Pele's tears, RA 004. On two group tracks comprising Earl Howard, Hans Schneider, Frank Gratkowski and Melvyn Poore.
1994, Spellings, Jazzgalerie Nickelsdorf. Frisque Concordance track on compilation CD.
1994?, Ventil, RA 013. Solo bass forthcoming.
2002, [KJU:], NURNICHTNUR BERSLTON 102 05 15. Quatuohr.
2004, [kju:], to o, NURNICHTNUR BERSLTON 104 05 21. Quatuohr.
2007, The long and the short of it, Creative sources CS 091. Stefan Keune/Hans Schneider/Achim Kramer.
2008, No comment, FMP CD 133. Stefan Keune/Hans Schneider/Achim Kramer.

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