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Roger Turner grew up amongst the Canterbury musical life of the 1960s with a strong broad jazz root. His first formal performance in improvisation was in duo with Chris Biscoe for the British Council, Brighton in 1966. He moved to London in 1968 and worked with the Ghanian drum ensemble Mask and toured with the experimental and innovative Ritual Theatre.

Since 1974, he has primarily concentrated on opening the way to a more personal percussion language. Extensive solo work followed (including concerts at the Bracknell Jazz Festival and the Bruxelles Festival of Percussion) and he was also granted two Arts Council bursaries (1980 and 1983) for investigation into percussion and electronics. It was during this period that he recorded his solo LP The blur between, though it focusses on very specific aspects of percussion and certainly does not represent his wide current interests.

In 1984 and 1985, he undertook workshop residences at Alan Silva's Institut Art Cultur Perception in Paris. In the same period, collaborations with experimental rock musics and open song form included extensive duo work with Annette Peacock (1983-1985) and recordings with post-wave band The Nose Flutes (1986-1987).

Roger Turner has worked with numerous jazz-based ensembles including those of Elton Dean, Alan Silva and Lol Coxhill. Music making with European and international improvisors in ad hoc and group collaborations has over the years included Toshinori Kondo, Derek Bailey, Trio'z with Carlos Zingaro and Tom Cora, Evan Parker, Cecil Taylor, Otomo Yoshihide, Shelley Hirsch, Joëlle Léandre; Keith Rowe; Wolfgang Fuchs and many others.

Collaborations with film-makers and image projection include work with Martin Klapper & Chikako Oyama and music for dance includes work with Alexander Frangenheim's concepts of doing (Stuttgart); Matthew Hawkins Company (London); Carlos Zingaro's Encontros projects (Lisbon & Macau, China).

Roger Turner's current main collaborations are The tradition trio with Alan Silva and Johannes Bauer; The Recedents with Lol Coxhill and Mike Cooper; Konk Pack with Tim Hodgkinson and Thomas Lehn; The Phil Minton Quartet with Veryan Weston and John Butcher; duos with John Russell and Phil Minton.

Performances in major festivals have included: Edinburgh; Actual, London; Setubal and Avante, Portugal; CRIM, Pisa; Bracknell, England; Ulrichsberg and Nickelsdorf Austria; Kongsberg, Norway; Philadelphia Free Music; Taklos, Switzerland; Chantenay, France; Budapest; Berlin Jazzfest; Camden Jazz Festival, London; Vancouver; Victoriaville; Sound Symposium, Newfoundland; Banlieu Bleu, Paris; Vandoeuvre; Copenhagen Voice Festival; Macau; etc.


1978 & 1985, London Musicians' Collective ...the first 25 years, LMC Rec8.2CD/Res9.1CD. As member of Health Cuts and duo with Steve Beresford on this compilation CD.
1979, Sunday best, Incus 32. Duo with Gary Todd.
1979, Artless sky, CAW 001. With John Russell and Toshinori Kondo.
1981, The blur between, CAW 002. Solo.
1981/1984, Forward of short leg, Dossier ST 7529. With various Jon Rose groups.
1984, Fringe benefits, Entropy Stereo ESR006. Jon Rose and the Relative Band; one track on compilation CD.
1983, Couscous, nato 157.
1984, Ammo, Leo LR 116. Duo with Phil Minton.
1984, Ammo, Golden Years of New Jazz GY 22. Duo with Phil Minton.
1985, Frog dance, Impetus IMP 28407, 2LP. With The Recedents.
1985, Sans phrase, Moers Music 02048. One piece on Vario LP.
1985, Nouvelles, Potlatch P 301. Brief spoken contribution to Jean-Marc Foussat disc.
1985/86, Sprung from traps, Re 0103. Piece on ReRcords Quarterly Volume 1, no. 3 (LP).
1986, Barbecue strut, nato 907. The Recedents.
1986, Take some risks, In situ 011. With Alan Silva, Misha Lobko, Didier Petit, Bruno Girard.
1986, I have no feelings Ironic Records IRONIC 4. Annette Peacock.
1986, Several young men ignite hardboard stump Reflex Records LP. With the Nose Flutes.
1986, The ravers Ron Johnson Records LP. With the Nose Flutes.
1986, Ruff, Leo LR 138. The Ferrals with Phil Minton, Hugh Davies and Alan Tomlinson.
1988, Zombie bloodbath on the Isle of Dogs, nato 112036. The Recedents.
1991, In '91, Loosetorque LT017. Dangerous Musics.
1993, In the tradition, In situ IS 166. With Alan Silva and Johannes Bauer.
1993, Dada da, Leo CD LR 192. Duo with Phil Minton.
1994, Short in the U.K., Incus CD 27. With Steve Beresford and Shaking Ray Levis.
1995, AngelicA 1995, A1 007. With Lol Coxhill's Before my time.
1995, The comforts of madness, Durian 002. With Helge Hinteregger.
1996?, Junk percussion, Zero-g recordings. Produced for use in sampling.
1996, Birthdays, Emanem 4010. Duo with John Russell.
1996, Spectral soprano, Emanem 4204. One Recedents track on Lol Coxhill compilation CD.
1997, Interplay, FMR CD39 V0697. Hugh Davies, in trio with Russell/Turner.
1997, Recent croaks, Acta 11. Duo with Martin Klapper.
1997, Gateway '97 Creative sources CS 225. WTTF (Wachsmann/Turner/Thomas/Frangenheim).
1997, Autism, Durian 008. The comforts of madness.
1997, Cue sheets II, Tzadik 7513. Steve Beresford; Turner on one track.
1998, Refrain, MS 41. Schiano/Russell/Hallett/Turner/Penazzi.
1998/9, Big deep, GROB 102. Konk Pack.
1999, Screen: festival concepts of doing 1999, concepts of doing cod005.
1999, I signali della ritirata, Burp Publications MHMusic MHM7. Edoardo Ricci/Eugenio Sanna/Roger Turner.
2000, The boss, PINK PO3. Chamagne/Collot/Turner.
2000, Umlaut, NURNICHTNUR CD 1000425. PUT.
2001, The second sky, Emanem 4058. Russell/Turner.
2001, Warp out, GROB 323. Konk Pack.
2001, Off leash, GROB 654. Konk Pack.
2001, Freedom of the city 2001: small groups, Emanem 4205.
2001, Duos, London 2001, Incus CD51. Duo with Derek Bailey.
2001, Tone, a/l/l 004. The Tradition Trio.
2001, The All Angels concerts, Emanem 4209. Beresford/Turner duo on compilation 2-CD.
2002, Live at the Total Music Meeting 2002, a/l/l 007. The New Flags.
2002, Total Music Meeting 2002 - Audiology II, a/l/l 006. Compilation CD of 11 groups live in Berlin.
2002, Trap Street, Emanem 4092. Tomlinson/Beresford/Turner.
2002, London duos and trios, Intakt CD 081. Hans Koch.
1998-2003, Drainage, Emanem 4211. Minton/Turner duo.
2003, Freedom of the city 2003: small groups, Emanem 4212.
2003/2010, Success with your dog, Emanem 5010. Lol Coxhill/Roger Turner.
2004, The drawing duo, Saag. With Susan Turcot.
2005, Freedom of the city 2005, Emanem 4216. In trio Beresford/Williamson/Turner.
2005, Number nine, Emanem 4129. Michael Keith/John Oswald/Roger Turner.
2005, Live at Hull Art Lab, Poot #42. Minton/Turner.
2006, Slur, Emanem 4140. Phil Minton Quartet.
2006, Vario-44, Edition Explico 15. John Butcher/Roger Turner/John Russell/Thomas Lehn/Dorothea Schürch/Günter Christmann.
2007/8, The black hills, GROB 962. Konk Pack.
2008, Treader duos, Treader TRD013. John Butcher/Mark Sanders + Alex Ward/Roger Turner + John Tchicai/Tony Marsh.
2008/10, Curare, No Business Records NBCD 38/NBLP 43. Lazro/Pauvros/Turner.
2009, The cigar that talks, Collection PiedNu PN0110. Doneda/Russell/Turner.
2009, Seek it not with your eyes, Red Toucan RT 9339. Alexey Lapin/Melvyn Poore/Matthias Schubert/Roger Turner.
2011, Acid rain, Ayler Records aylCD-128. Noël Akchoté/Jean-Marc Foussat/Roger Turner.
2011, The pancake tour, Relative Pitch Records RPR1007. Urs Leimgruber/Roger Turner duo.
2011, Almost even further, Leo Records LR 644. 6ix.
2012, Fragments of parts, Freeform Association FFA-6541. Witold Oleszak/Roger Turner duo.
2012, The spirit guide, Creative Works CW 1062. Urs Leimgruber/Roger Turner duo.
2013, KOCHUU Creative sources CS 276. Isabelle Dutoit/Alexander Frangenheim/Roger Turner.
2013, Blood samples, FMR CD395-0615. The Cabinet Trio.
2013, London-Leipzig-Berlin, Euphorium Records EUPH 047. Axel Dörner/Roger Turner/Ra Ra Da Boff.
2014, Berlin Kinesis Creative sources CS 313. WTTF Quartet (Wachsmann/Turner/Thomas/Frangenheim).
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