Dixonia: a bio-discography of Bill Dixon

Book cover

Dixonia, a bio-discography of Bill Dixon is compiled by Ben Young and was published in August 1998 by Greenwood Press, Westport, Connecticut. ISBN 0-313030275-8; http://www.greenwood.com.

In the Preface, Young states that:

"Dixonia is fundamentally a book of facts. While the proper understanding of Bill Dixon's music will show that future volumes of musical analysis, biography, critical assessment, and record guides are warranted, this volume concerns itself only tangentially with these matters, but primarily with cataloguing Dixon's works, as an indispensible step for all perspectives of analysis.

The purpose of this research is to identify every known episode of Bill Dixon making music, adding relevant information about these events and their relationship to the entire trajectory of his career to date."

Accordingly, Young covers, in 418 pages of exhaustive detail:

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