Axel Dörner

Born in Köln, 1964; trumpet.

Axel Dörner's first instrument was piano, which he initially studied at the conservatory in Arnhem, the Netherlands, from 1988 to 1989, and subsequently (1989 to 1996) at the Musikhochschule in Köln. From 1991 he studied trumpet with Malte Burba at the Musikhochschule. During the five years in Köln leading up to 1994, he worked extensively with trumpeter Bruno Leicht, as The Streetfighters Duo, The Streetfighters Quartet (with Wayne Dockery and John Betsch), and The Streetfighters Double Quartet with, among others, Matthias Schubert and Claudio Puntin. During this time he formed the Axel Dörner Quartet with Frank Gratkowski, Hans Schneider and Martin Blume, and The Remedy with Sebastian Gramss and Claus Wagner (and guests Peter Kowald, Tom Cora and Matthias Schubert). Numerous radio, television and concert appearances were made with these groups.

In 1994, Dörner moved to Berlin and the number of activities increased substantially to include:

Axel Dörner's compositions include:

Further information

Chénard, M. (2002). The other trumpet of Axel Dörner. Coda, no. 302, (March/April), pp. 11-13.


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2001, Phosphor, Potlatch P501.
2001, Total Music Meeting 2001: Audiology - 11 groups live in Berlin, A/L/L002. On two tracks on this compilation CD.
2001, I hear music, SAJ CD(R)3. Sven-Åke Johansson's Rebop Ensemble Berlin.
2001, Thanks cash, Sedimental Records SEDCD036. Axel Dörner/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Bhob Rainey.
2002, Labor CD, Charhizma 026/027. Compilation CD with Phosphor, plus AD in another duo.
2002, Map theory, Okkadisk OD12050. Territory Band-3.
2002, Look at the music, Olof Bright OBCD09. Solo track on compilation CD.
2002/03, No furniture, Creative Sources CS 009. Boris Baltschun/Axel Dörner/Kai Fagaschinski.
2003, One, SOFA 518. Toot.
2003, Real time satellite data, SOFA 513. No Spaghetti Edition.
2003, To be an animal of real flesh, Charhizma 023. Margareth Kammerer; one track with AD.
2003, A view from the window, Erstwhile Records 041. Rowe/Dörner/Hautzinger.
2003, Stralau, Creative Sources CS 032. Bertrand Denzler/Axel Dörner/Daniel Erdmann/Michael Griener/Günter Müller.
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2005, New horse for the White House, Okkadisk OD12080. Territory Band-5.
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2006, Live vol. 2: parallel circuit, doubtmusic dmf-117/118. Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Orchestra.
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2006, Collide, Okkadisk OD12090. Territory Band-6 with Fred Anderson.
2006, What matters to Ali, C3R 012. Duo with Diego Chamy.
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2012, Fylkingen, ILK Music ILK208LP. The Electrics.
2012, .AAA. live, Creative Sources CS 255. Dörner/Willers/Kaufman.
2013, The Braxtornette Project, Umlaut Records ub004. Die Hochstapler.
2013, Dirn Bridge, Euphorium Records EUPH 043. Axel Dörner/Elan Pauer/Christian Lillinger.
2013, London-Leipzig-Berlin, Euphorium Records EUPH 047. Axel Dörner/Roger Turner/Ra Ra Da Boff.
2014, So long Eric! Homage to Eric Dolphy, Intakt CD 239. Aki Takase/Alex Von Schlippenbach.
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?, Die Enttäuschung, Crouton Music 25.
?, Improvised music from Japan Extra 2006: Berlin, IMJ-308/9. Track on book/2cd set with Lucio Capece and Robin Hayward.

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