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Floros Floridis was born and lives in Thessaloniki, Greece. Together with Sakis Papadimitriou he made the first record of modern jazz in Greece in 1979: the double LP Improvising at Barakos. Since then he has played concerts and festivals in Greece , Europe, the USA, with a great number of European and American musicians: Andrew Cyrille, Peter Kowald, Conny Bauer, Evan Parker, Peter Brötzman, Gunter Sommer, Carlos Zingano, and Barry Guy, Fred Van Hove and Nicky Skopelitis, among others. He participated in the Euro-American Orchestra of Cecil Taylor in Berlin in 1987.

As a leader/co-leader he has collaborated with Peter Kowald, Paul Lytton, Paul Lovens, Phil Wachsman, Hans Schneider, Louis Moholo, Vincent Chancey, J-Marc Montera, Pinguin Moschner, Mark Charig, Milos Petrovic, Okay Temiz, Ivo Papazov as well as with Greek musicians such as Michalis Siganidis, Kostas Vomvolos, Dimitris Polizoidis, Yannis Mourtzopoulos, Ilias Papadopoulos, Savina Giannatou and Christos Nikolopoulos resulting in the release of more than 20 CDs.

Throughout the years, he has participated in various CD-productions of other artists in Greece as well as abroad. He founded the Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music of the municipality of Thessaloniki in 1984 and was both the artistic director and co-ordinator of seven of the 9 festivals that have taken place. In March 1997 he was the artistic director and coordinator of the 9 Days of Jazz of the Organization Cultural Capital of Europe Thessaloniki '97.

Floridis frequently gives solo concerts and his current working groups include:

Floros Floridis has written and selected music for films, theater plays and dance performances. In 1997 he selected the music for the plays Splendid's by Jean Genet and ,Chomata by George Veltsos, both directed by Roula Pateraki. He also composed the music for the feature film Anna's summer directed by Jeanine Meerapfel.

From 1995 he was a producer for the national radio for two years. In 1997 he started a collaboration with the label LYRA as a producer, starting with the CD of the Black Sea Orchestra and Florina Brass Band II.

e-mail: Floridis@aol.com


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2000, Anna's summer, Integral Films CD/jnd re-records 001. Film score composed, arranged and played by FF.
2002, 25th NWM, Ninth World Music NWM0 25 CD. One track on compilation CD.
2002, F.ly L.ow O.der R.oll O.ver I, jnd re-records 002.
2003, F.ictional L.ies O.n R.ight O.ccasions II, jnd re-records 004.
2008, Sweet, sour, sharp & soft, Jazzwerkstatt JW041. Grix.
2011, The Alliteration, Creative sources CS 265.
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2013, Penetralia, Creative sources CS 292. Grix.
?, Further lines over rough options, jnd re-records 006. F.L.O.R.O. III.

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