Nikos Veliotis

Photograph of Nikos Veliotis

Photograph copyright Iakovos Dizikirikis

Born 1970, cello.

Nikos Veliotis was born in Athens, Greece and, though initially trained as a pianist, he later devoted himself to the cello.

He became active in the London improvisation scene in 1998-99 mainly through the trio CRANC (with Rhodri Davies and Angharad Davies) while researching performance issues relating to graphic scores under the Mmus course at Trinity College of Music. He was awarded the Mmus certificate later that year

He is now based in Athens working as a freelance cellist. His contemporary music repertoire includes works for solo cello by Xenakis, Peter Sculthorpe and Helmut Lachenmann as well as indeterminate and graphic works by composers such as Cornelius Cardew, Philip Corner and Sulvano Bussoti. He runs the Athens 2:13club whose activities include monthly concerts and an annual 2:13 three-day festival.

Current activities include:



1999, Proceedings, Emanem 4201. London Improvisers Orchestra.
1999, All Angels, Edo E-07. Cranc.
2001, β, Confront, Front 08. Solo cello.
2001, FIN Trio, WIMprozes CD 060801. Van Hove/Vander Borght/Veliotis.
2001, 28/04/2001, Absurd CDR #11. Duo with Costis Drygianakis.
2001, VW, Absurd CDR #22. Disc shared with Dan Warburton.
2002, Ensemble at Musica Genera 2002, Musica Genera mg006. Chris Burn's Ensemble.
2003, Radial, Confront 13. Solo cello.
2003, Squarehorse, Absurd CD #45. Looper.
2005, The sea looks green when the sky is grey, SOFA 519. Nikos Veliotis/Anita Haasbøll/Michael Francis Duch
2010, Dying sun, Another timbre at38. Looper.

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