Anagram Records ANA 008 Movement Incorporated

Movement Incorporated

Don Cherry, trumpet, piano, flute, voice; Bernt Rosengren, tenor saxophone, flute; Maffy Falay, trumpet, flute; Brian Trentham, trombone; Bengt Nordström, alto saxophone; Torbjörn Hultkrantz, bass; Leif Wennerström, drums; Tommy Koverhult, tenor saxophone (track 4 only); Okay Temiz, drums (track 4 only).
  1. Suite 1 (29.19)
  2. Suite 2 (26.38)
  3. Suite 3 (07.32)
  4. Supreme surprise (12.13)
Probably recorded July 1967, Stockholm.

Graphic design (front cover reproduced above) by Jessica Johnson, CMM Group; photographs by Rita Knox and Christer Landergren.

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