Bruce's Fingers BF 4 Compilation II

Simon H. Fell

Alan Leggett, trumpet; Martin Jones, flugelhorn; Charles Wharf, soprano saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Pete Minns, tenor saxophone; Alan Wilkinson, baritone sax; Tim Brooks, trombone; Bruce Godfrey, violin; Helen Godfrey, cello; Simon H. Fell, keyboards, double bass, electronics; Paul Hession, drums, percussion.

  1. Part I: The shirt is fabulous [for Pete] (08.09)
  2. Part II (06.47)
  3. Part III: flugel [for Martin] (07.41)
  4. Part IV: piano (03.18)
  5. Part V: bass (03.01)
  6. Part VI: alto [for Alan] (05.42)
  7. Part VII: drumset [for Paul] (03.13)
  8. Part VIII: soprano [for Charlie] (07.57)
  9. Part IX (04.46)
Recorded 19-21 February, 17 April, 3 June and 1 July 1990 at Thatched Cottage Audio, Royston.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Jo Fell.

No longer available on LP or cassette; re-issued on CD BF 26 in 1999.

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