Bruce's Fingers BFC25 Termite two

Hession/Wilkinson/Fell and Buckton/McMillan/Fell

Alan Wilkinson, alto saxophone, voice; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Paul Hession, drums; Paul Buckton, guitar, electronics; John McMillan, electronics.

Termite two one [H/W/F] (19.36), Termite two two [B/M/F] (15.29), Termite two three [B/M/F] (05.25).

Termite two one recorded on 11 November 1989 at The Termite Festival, Pack Horse Inn, Leeds; Termite two two and three recorded on 12 November 1989 at The Termite Festival, The Adelphi, Leeds.

BFC25 is cassette only.

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