organ of Corti 10 Incus taps

Derek Bailey

Derek Bailey, guitar, voice.

Tap 1a (08.34), Tap 1b (02.25), Tap 2 a-b (03.49), Tap 2c (02.33), Tap 2d (03.39) Tap 3a (05.17), Tap 3b (06.37), Tap 4 a-b (04.07), Tap 4c (04.38), voice track [unacknowledged in CD booklet] (08.34).

Recorded Spring 1973, except final track (no details), recorded by Bob Woolford and Martin Davidson.

Improvisation 102, Improvisation 103 and Improvisation 105 were originally released separately on reel-to-reel tapes, in individual boxes by Incus; the origin of Improvisation 104 as a reel-to -reel tape is less sure and, in fact Improvisation 104b has appeared on Lot 74.

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