Creative sources CS 037 Landscape: recognizable

Birgit Ulher/Lou Mallozzi/Michael Zerang

Birgit Ulher, trumpet; Lou Mallozzi, turntables, CDs, microphones, organ pipes, amplified voice; Michael Zerang, friction drum, wind whistle, xylophone bars, snare drum, bird calls, metal.

  1. An ancient scar on the terrestrial globe (07.09)
  2. What about the Phoenicians? (06.31)
  3. Miracles of bitumen (08.33)
  4. Obscure days (07.42)
  5. Taming the nobility (09.33)
  6. Blame Pericles (07.33)
  7. The landscape: still recognizable (06.39)
Recorded on 5 June 2004 at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago.

Polaroid (front cover reproduced above) by Birgit Uhler; design by Carlos Santos.

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