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Mick Beck, tenor saxophone; Alan Wilkinson, baritone and alto saxophone; Charlie Collins, flute, bass clarinet, bass saxophone; Martin Jones, trumpet, flugelhorn; Tom Spears, trumpet; Mary Schwarz, viola; Ross Lambert, guitar; Linda Lee Welch, voice; Mary Oliver, voice; Nigel Manning, clarinet, flutes; Pete Rosser, accordion; Geof Walmark, bass trombone, trombone; Dave Ellis, double bass, tuba; Paul Hession, drums, percussion.

  1. Barbél (06.54)
  2. The rough with the smooth (17.17)
  3. Fanfare for Mick (04.31)
  4. The Universal Church of Truth: world's biggest Byzantine hamburger stall (11.32)
  5. The next symphony: movement 1, minimalism (04.33)
  6. The next symphony: movement 2, legato for two 'string' quartets (05.17)
  7. The next symphony: movement 3, three-quarters of an Eastern disc (06.54)
  8. The next symphony: movement 4, crescendo (04.18)
  9. Living my life (06.08)
  10. Convertorio (07.14)
Recorded at Axis Recording Studios, Sheffield, in November 1988.

Cover art (reproduced above) by Ross Lambert; photograph by David Bocking.

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