Emanem 4038 Three and four pullovers (1975-8)

Steve BeresfordNigel Coombes/Roger Smith/Terry Day

Steve Beresford, piano, euphonium, toys, electronics, etc.; Nigel Coombes, violin, electronics; Roger Smith, guitar; Terry Day (tracks 3-6), percussion, alto saxophone, cello, mandolin.

  1. Sea of mice (27.05)
  2. The butter situation (18.16)
  3. No great river (04.25)
  4. Collision specialists (14.44)
  5. Jazz now final hurdle to sixth title (02.48)
  6. Mums for sale (08.07)
Tracks 1 and 2 recorded at the Unity Theatre, London on 14 January 1975; other tracks recorded at the London Musicians' Collective, London on 5 May 1978.

Front cover drawing (reproduced above) by Nigel Coombes.

This CD first released in May 2000; tracks 1, 2 originally issued in 1977 as Quartz-Mirliton cassette 12.

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