Enja ENJ-9465 2 The owner of the river bank

Cecil Taylor/Italian Instabile Orchestra

Cecil Taylor, piano, voice; Guido Mazzon, trumpet, voice; Luca Calabrese, trumpet, voice; Alberto Mandarini, trumpet, voice; Giancarlo Schiaffini, trombone, voice; Sebi Tramontana, trombone, voice; Lauro Rossi, trombone, voice; Martin Mayes, French horn, voice; Mario Schiano, alto and soprano saxophones, voice; Eugenio Colombo, sopranino saxophone, flute, voice; Carlo Actis Dato, bass clarinet, voice; Daniele Cavallanti, tenor saxophone, voice; Gianluigi Trovesi, alto saxophone, voice; Renato Geremia, violin, voice; Paolo Damiani, cello, voice; Giovanni Maier, double bass, voice; Umberto Petrin, piano, voice; Vincenzo Mazzone, drums, tympani, voice; Tiziano Tononi, drums, percussion, voice.

    The owner of the river bank
  1. Part 1 (06.56)
  2. Part 2 (11.21)
  3. Part 3 (12.29)
  4. Part 4 (03.37)
  5. Part 5 (11.29)
  6. Part 6 (08.21)
  7. Part 7 (06.12)
  8. mpg movie (05.51)
Recorded on 10 September 2002 as part of the Talos Festival in Ruvo di Publia, South Italy.

Front cover design (reproduced above) by Brey Graphics Munich; painting by Manfred Brey.

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