Hat ART CD 6056 Rif

Maarten Altena Octet

Maarten Altena, bass; Peter van Bergen, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Marc Charig, trumpet, alto horn; Maartje ten Hoorn, violin; Guus Janssen, piano, synthesizer; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Michael Vatcher, percussion; Wolter Wierbos, trombone.

  1. Boa (05.57)
  2. Rondo (07.09)
  3. Ruis (06.44)
  4. Rif (11.26)
  5. de Yup (05.16)
  6. Marre (07.36)
  7. Dek (03.52)
  8. Re-mix (04.28)
Recorded at The Mennonite Church, Singel, Amsterdam on 22-24 August 1987.

Cover art (reproduced above) Aki Kuroda.

Formerly released on Claxon on LP.

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