Hat ART CD 6082 Cities & streets

Maarten Altena

Maarten Altena, bass, composer; Peter van Bergen, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet; Marc Charig, trumpet, alto horn; Christel Postma, violin; Michiel Sheen, piano; Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet; Michael Vatcher, percussion; Wolter Wierbos, trombone.

  1. Prikkel (07.48)
  2. Blauw beest (07.58)
  3. Rij (07.44)
  4. Slange (06.44)
  5. Triptych (blues, manier, koraal) (12.15)
  6. Echoes and shadows (04.34)
  7. Rif (08.52)
Recorded at Radio DRS Zürich on 9-10 October 1989.

Cover art (reproduced above) Aki Kuroda.

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