Hat Art CD 6124 Okanagon

Giacinto Scelsi/Joëlle Léandre

Joëlle Léandre, bass, voice; Giancarlo Schiaffini, tenorbass trombome, Bflat bass tuba; Nicolas Isherwood, bass voice; Fances-Marie Uitti, cello; Karin Schmeer, harp; Robyn Schulkowsky, tam tam.

Maknongan [1976] for double bass solo (03.44), Tre pezzi [1956]: for trombone solo I (02.25); for trombone solo II (02.57); for trombone solo III (03.19), Wo Ma [1960]: for bassvoice solo I (02.13); for bassvoice solo II (02.46); for bassvoice solo III (03.43); for bassvoice solo IV (03.06), C'est bien la nuit [1972] for double bass solo (03.12), Le réveil profond [1977] for double bass solo (06.18), Maknongan [1976] for Bflat bass tuba solo (04.10), Et maintenant, c'est a vous a jouer [1974] for cello and double bass (06.34), Maknongan [1976] for bassvoice solo (03.44), Okanagon [1968] for harp, double bass and tam tam (10.16), Mantram [1987] for double bass solo (04.12).

Recorded at Sendesaal Hessisher Rundfunk, Frankfurt, on 8/9 February, 18-21 May and 17/18 August 1992.

Cover art (reproduced above) URBIGO by Wolf Barth.

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