Hat Art CD 6137 Demon chaser

Gerry Hemingway Quintet

Michael Moore, clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone; Wolter Wierbos, trombone; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Mark Dresser, bass; Gerry Hemingway, drums, steel drums.

  1. Slamadam (05.41)
  2. A night in Tunisia (12.34)
  3. Buoys (08.55)
  4. Holler up (07.19)
  5. Demon chaser (10.05)
  6. More struttin' with mutton (09.26)
Recorded at Ottenbrucher Bahnhof, Wuppertal-Elberfeld on 2 March 1993.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Hugo Gosse; graphic concept by Ecke Bonk.

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