hat[now]ART 2-127 Forms 1-4

James Tenney

Musikfabrik (collective personel) [Paulo Alvares, celeste, piano; Marina Ascherson, viola; Jan Babinec, horn; Marc Blaauw, trumpet; Helen Bledsoe, alto and piccolo flute; Bruce Collings, trombone; John Corbett, clarinet, bass clarinet; Nándor Götz, clarinet; Gregory Johns, cello; Seth Josel, guitar; Tomoko Kiba, violin; Ulrich Löffler, organ; Sarah O'Brien, harp; Thomas Oesterdiekhoff, percussion; Melvyn Poore, tuba; Ellen Ruth Rose, viola; Alexander Scheirle, cello; Heinrich Schkrobol, double bass; Peter Veale, english horn, oboe, musette; Alban Wesley, bassoon, contra bassoon].

    CD 1271
  1. James Tenney: Form 1 In memoriam Edgar Varèse (18.44)
  2. Edgar Varèse: Octandre (07.09)
  3. James Tenney: Form 2 In memoriam John Cage (16.44)
  4. John Cage: Seven (20.00)
    CD 1272
  1. James Tenney: Form 3 In memoriam Stefan Wolpe (14.00)
  2. Stefan Wolpe: Piece (07.42)
  3. James Tenney: Form 4 In memoriam Morton Feldman (16.38)
  4. Morton Feldman: Numbers (12.08)
All recorded at WDR Köln, Funkhaus I; Tenney pieces recorded on 1-2 October 1997; the Wolpe on 17 November 1997; the Varèse and Cage on 11-21 December 1997; and the Feldman on 2 February 1998.

Graphic concept (front cover reproduced above) by fuhrer vienna.

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