HatOLOGY 536 Clichés

Steve Lacy Seven

Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone; Steve Potts, alto and soprano saxophone; George Lewis, trombone; Bobby Few, piano; Irène Aebi, cello, violin, voice; Jean-Jacques Avenel, bass; Oliver Johnson, percussion; Sherry Margolin, percussion (track 5); Cyrille Few & his friend, percussion (track 5).

  1. Stamps (06.53)
  2. Wickets (11.35)
  3. The whammies (05.13)
  4. The dumps (17.08)
  5. Clichés (22.23)
Recorded at IRCAM, Espace de Projection, Paris on 1/2 November 1982. Part of this CD previously released on double LP as Prospectus.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Werner X. Uehlinger; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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