HatOLOGY 554 An hour with...

Clusone 3

Michael Moore, alto saxophone, clarinet, melodica; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Han Bennink, drums.

  1. Medley 1: Pippistrello; Rollo II; Tinglit; I am an Indian too (16.12)
  2. It's you (05.34)
  3. Medley 2: Bella Coola; The peacocks (07.02)
  4. Medley 3: Duck; O Pato; Duck; Turkey in the straw (13.53)
  5. Medley 4: My bird of paradise; I never had a chance (06.15)
  6. Medley 5: Le cygne; A velho Pedro; Marie Pompoen (07.06)
  7. Baltimore oriole (05.59)
Recorded at Kilen, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden on 21 March 1998.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by ÖhnerKraller; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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