HatOLOGY 2-599 One too many salty swift and not goodbye

Cecil Taylor Unit

Cecil Taylor, piano; Jimmy Lyons, alto saxophone; Raphé Malik, trumpet; Ramsey Ameen, violin; Sirone, double bass; Ronald Shannon Jackson, drums.

    CD 599-1
  1. Duet: Jimmy Lyons/Raphé Malik (03.49)
  2. Duet: Ramsey Ameen/Sirone (11.24)
  3. Solo: Ronald Shannon Jackson (05.35)
  4. Cecil Taylor Unit (24.16)
  5. Cecil Taylor Unit (27.27)
    CD 599-2
  1. Cecil Taylor Unit (29.01)
  2. Cecil Taylor Unit (17.57)
  3. Cecil Taylor Unit (28.33)
Recorded in concert on 14 June 1978 at Liederhalle/Mozartsaal, Stuttgart.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Dany Gignoux; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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