HatOLOGY 603 Ne plus ultra

Warne Marsh Quartet

Warne Marsh, tenor saxophone; Gary Foster, alto saxophone; Dave Parlato, double bass; John Tirabasso, drums.

  1. You stepped out of a dream (09.05)
  2. Lennie's pennies (04.23)
  3. 317 E. 32nd (08.17)
  4. Subconscious-Lee (04.17)
  5. Touch and go (15.24)
  6. Two-part invention no. 13 (00.59)
Recorded on 25 October 1969 (track 1 recorded 14 September 1969) at Herrick Chapel Lounge, Occidental College, Los Angeles.

Cover photograph (reproduced above) by Thomas Wunsch; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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