HatOLOGY 610 Performance (Quartet) 1979

Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton, alto saxophone, Bb and Eb soprano saxophones, clarinet, contrabass clarinet; Ray Anderson, trombone, alto trombone, little instruments; John Lindberg, double bass; Thurman Barker, percussion, xylophone, gongs.
  1. Part I (36.47)
  2. Part II (34.26)
Performance (Quartet) 1979 includes the compositions 69C, 69E, 69G, 40F, 69F, 23G and 40I.

Recorded live at Jazz Festival Willisau '79 on 1 September 1979.

Cover photo (reproduced above) by Luca Buti; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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