HatOLOGY 635 On Duke's birthday

Mike Westbrook Orchestra

Mike Westbrook, piano; Tony Marsh, drums; Steve Cook, bass guitar; Brian Godding, electric guitar; Dominique Pifarely, violin; Georgie Born, cello; Chris Biscoe, alto soprano and baritone saxophones, piccolo, alto clarinet; Danilo Terenzi, trombone; Kate Westbrook, tenor horn, piccolo, bamboo flute, voice; Phil Minton, trumpet, voice; Stuart Brooks, trumpet, flugelhorn.
  1. Checking in at Hôtel Le Prieuré (08.34)
  2. On Duke's birthday 1 (16.10)
  3. East Stratford Too-Doo (21.08
  4. On Duke's birthday 2 (16.10)
  5. Music is... (12.29)
Recorded in concert at Le Grand Théâtre, Maison de la Culture, Amiens on 12 May 1984.

Cover photo (reproduced above) by Luca Buti; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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