HatOLOGY 2-644 Creative Orchestra (Köln) 1978

Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton, composer, conductor; Rob Howard, trumpet; Michael Mossman, trumpet; Leo Smith, trumpet; Kenny Wheeler, fluglehorn, trumpet; George Lewis, trombone; James King Roosa, trombone; Ray Anderson, trombone, tuba; Dwight Andrews, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano and tenor saxophones; Marty Ehrlich, flute, clarinet, soprano, alto and baritone saxophones; Vinny Golia, piccolo, bass clarinet, tenor and baritone saxophones; J.D. Parran, flute, clarinet, nagaswaram, tenor saxophone; Ned Rothenberg, flute, occarina, bass clarinet, alto saxophone; Marily Crispell, piano; Bob Ostertag, Serge synthesizer; Birgit Taubhorn, accordion; Bobby Naughton, vibraphone; James Emery, electric guitar; John Lindberg, bass; Brian Smith, bass; Thurman Barker, percussion, marimba.
    CD 6442-1
  1. Language improvisations (14.34)
  2. Comp. 55 (12.27)
  3. Comp. 45 (25.21)
    CD 644-2
  1. Comp. 59 (21.45)
  2. Comp. 51 (17.19)
  3. Comp. 58 (12.53)
Recorded live at Großer Sendesaal WDR Köln on 12 May 1978.

Cover photo (reproduced above) by Luca Buti; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

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