hatOLOGY 657 Soft lights and sweet music (Irving Berlin songbook)

Clusone 3

Michael Moore, alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet, melodica, celeste; Ernst Reijseger, cello; Han Bennink, drums, celeste.

  1. Soft lights and sweet music (04.18)
  2. There's no business like show business (02.38)
  3. The song is ended (04.40)
  4. Anything you can do, I can do better (02.54)
  5. For the folks back home/Cheek to cheek (05.08)
  6. What'll I do? (03.27)
  7. A pretty girl is like a melody (02.36)
  8. How deep is the ocean? (04.59)
  9. Give me your tired, your poor (02.15)
  10. Marie (03.15)
  11. They say it's wonderful (01.58)
  12. Always (04.54)
  13. Cuckoo in the clock (02.34)
  14. Let's face the music and dance (03.31)
  15. When I lost you (01.55)
  16. I am an Indian, too (05.17)
  17. I never had the chance (03.07)
  18. White Christmas (02.51)
Recorded at Radio DRS, Zürich on 2/3 November 1993 (as on original CD release: checked with Werner X. Uehlinger who has confirmed that the September date in this CD was a transcription error).

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Luca Buti; graphic concept by fuhrer vienna.

Previously released as Hat ART CD 6153.

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