Henceforth Records 107 Incidental

Mike Olsen

Ruth MacKenzie, voice; Gary Schulte, violin; Christian Zamora, violin; Michelle Kinney, cello; Jacqueline Ultan, cello; Anthony Cox, electric and acoustic bass; Tome Kehoe, flutes; David Edminster, bassoon, tenor saxophone; John Devine, soprano and tenor saxophone; Pat O'Keefe, alto saxophone, bass clarinet; Bill Lang, tenor saxophone; Jon Pemberton, trumpet; Steve Sandberg, trombone; Dean Granros, electric guitar; Steve Tibbetts, electric and acoustic guitars; Heather Barringer, percussion; Kevin Washington, drums; Mike Olson, moog synthesizers, fender rhodes electric piano.

  1. Incidental 1 (06.09)
  2. Incidental 2 (08.19)
  3. Incidental 3 (10.06)
  4. Incidental 4 (05.10)
  5. Incidental 5 (07.37)
  6. Incidental 6 (08.13)
Recorded at Intuitive, Minneapolis, nd.

Design (front cover reproduced above) by Alicia Marván.

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