Henceforth Records 109 Shed

Toca Loca

Toca Loca [Simon Docking, piano; Aiyun Huang, percussion; Gregory Oh, piano, conductor]; Max Christie, clarinet (track 2); Mary-Katherine Finch, cello (track 2); Gabriel Radford, french horn (track 2); Stephen Tam, flute (track 2); Fernando Rocha, percussion (track 4).

  1. Half-remembered city [Dai Fujikura] (10.55)
  2. Ma'Mounia [Heinz Holliger] (12.35)
  3. Adventuremusic: Love her madly [Andrew Staniland] (15.30)
  4. Bring them home [Frederic Rzewski] (21.55)
Track 1 was recorded in the McGill MMR, Montreal, 2 and 3 in the Music Gallery, Toronto and 4 in Walter Hall, Toronto.

Cover photograph (front cover reproduced above) by Ian Brown; graphic design by Leah Roschke.

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