Jazzwerkstatt JW010 Futch

Johannes Bauer/Jon Rose/Thomas Lehn

Johannes Bauer, trombone; Jon Rose, violin, electronics; Thomas Lehn, analogue synthesizer.

  1. futch F (24.27)
  2. futch U (11.01)
  3. futch T (04.32)
  4. futch C (09.16)
  5. futch H (04.08)
Tracks 1-3 recorded at Espace Multimédia Gantner, Bourogne, France on 2 June 2006; tracks 4 and 5 recorded at t-u-b-e Klanggalerie/Einstein Kulturzentrum, Munich, Germany on 1 June 2006.

Front cover painting (reproduced above) by Olga Maslo.

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