Leo Lab CD 013 Music for 10(0): symphony for 10 improvisors and poet Op. 28 version no. 1

Simon H. Fell

Guy Llewellyn, french horn; Charles Wharf, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor and soprano saxophones;Pete Minns, tenor saxophone; Mick Beck, tenor saxophone; Alan Wilkinson, alto saxophone and baritone saxophone; Mary Schwarz, viola; Paul Buckton, guitar; John McMillan, electronics; Simon H. Fell, double bass; Paul Hession, drums; Ben Watson, voice; Out to Lunch, texts.

Movt. I - Prelude (06.59), Movt. II - Gerols (09.34), Movt. III - HMV (10.16), Movt. IV - Virgin (08.40) Movt. V - Black cat (03.07), Movt. VI - Market (07.15), Movt. VII - Crash (03.06), Movt. VIII - Jumbos (09.48), Movt. IX - Morrisons (01.22), Movt. X - Our Price (09.20), Movt. XI - Postlude (05.39).

Recorded live at The Termite Club, Leeds on 25 November 1993.

Cover (reproduced above) by Simon Fell (after Kurt Schwitters).

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