Matchless MRCD25 Band on the Wall

Marilyn Crispell, Eddie Prévost

Marilyn Crispell, piano; Eddie Prevost, drums.

Opening time (06.49), Slow chaser (03.59), Fragments (02.48), Dogbolter (02.05), Apart [1] (02.33), As our tongues lap up the burning air (06.29), Old thumper 901.08), Night moves (12.11), Bishop's finger (01.11), Irons (03.47), Quiet now (03.37), Spitfire (02.42), Last orders (08.20).

Recorded at a concert given at The Band on the Wall Manchester, on 26 May 1994. 'Dedicated to Ian Croall who has managed to create and maintain a great venue for live music and makes space for musics such as this.'

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Allen Fisher.

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