Matchless MRCD28 Assessments and translations

Josep Vallribera/Tony Moore

Josep Vallribera, gesto-grafia; Tony Moore, cello.

Assessment and translation I (09.08), Assessment and translation II (09.02), Assessment and translation III (11.10), OAssessment and translation IV (15.18).

'From two days meeting in Thelorf-Niedersachsen, Germany, February 1995; in collaboration with Galerie Erik Bausmann, Mainz' Recorded at Basement Tape Studios, Amsterdam on 7 May 1995.

'This recording is an interpretation of four scores with variations conceived during a collaboration between artist Josep Vallribera and myself. This took place at an attelier in Thelstorf Niedersachen in Germany and was subsequently recorded in Amsterdam.' Tony Moore.

Cover score (reproduced above) by Josep Vallribera; photographed by Hildegund Jenninger.

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