Matchless MRCD76 Memories for the future

Free Jazz Quartet

Paul Rutherford, trombone; Harrison Smith, tenor and soprano saxophone, bass clarinet; Tony Moore, cello; Eddie Prévost, drums.

  1. A fertile valley (04.46)
  2. Pulsate (08.37)
  3. Summoning (07.39)
  4. Octavian law (03.45)
  5. Vibrational (09.56)
  6. Memories for the future (07.24)
  7. Harmonious relations (07.23)
  8. Blurring of boundaries (05.08)
Recorded at St. George's, Brandon Hill, Bristol, 1992.

Front cover image (reproduced above) by Tony Moore; design by Myah Chun.

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