Matchless MRCD82 Impossibility in its purest form

Sebastian Lexer/Eddie Prévost/Seymour Wright

Sebastian Lexer, piano+; Seymour Wright, alto saxophone; Eddie Prévost, percussion.

  1. Trilinear α (EP/SW) (16.46)
  2. Trilinear β (SL/EP) (17.15)
  3. Trilinear γ (SW/SL) (13.45)
  4. Impossibility in its purest form (23.26)
Recorded at The Welsh Chapel, Southwark Bridge Road, London; tracks 1-3 on 26 July 2011, track 4 on 1 October 2011.

Front cover artwork (reproduced above) by Seymour Wright; design by Myah Chun.

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