pdn 006/RHIZ 000 Orchester 331/3

Orchester 331/3

Christof Kurzmann, saxophone, theremin, samples; Christian Fennesz, guitar, samples; Klaus Filip, saxophone, samples; Richard Klammer, trumpet; Thomas Berghammer, trumpet; Gerhard Birschitzky, trombone; Franz Reisecker, guitar; Werner Möbius, octopad, dj, conga; Michael Krupica, acoustic bass; Wolfgant Ritt, electric bass; Michael Moser, electric bass; Mex Wolfsteiner, drums; Michael Danner, sound. With Markus Binder, jaws harp (track 9), tuba (track 10); Peter Brötzmann, tenor saxophone (track 5); Didi Bruckmayr, voice (track 10).

  1. QuickTime movie (Mac only) (09.08)
  2. 33 1/3 (11.25)
  3. Demonstration (05.33)
  4. Roaches (08.21)
  5. Review 1 (03.39)
  6. Lion sleep (05.19)
  7. S.O.S. (09.47)
  8. Splitter (06.56)
  9. S.B. (Low ass) (08.59)
  10. Review 2 (03.37)

Recorded live at Wels on 8 and 14 November 1996.

Cover produced from old vinyl LP formed to take insert of CD and held together by sticky tape for hinge and circular magnets at top and bottom corners.

However, a 'standard' jewel box version was also produced (illustration below) and in that case the QuickTime movie was the final track.

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