Potlatch P109 Phosphor II


Burkhard Beins, percussion, objects, zither, small electrics; Axel Dörner, trumpet, electronics; Robin Hayward, tuba; Annette Krebs, guitar, objects, electronics, tape; Andrea Neumann, inside-piano, mixing board; Michael Renkel, prepared acoustic nulon string guitar via computer; Ignaz Schick, turntable, objects, bows.
  1. P7 (08.48)
  2. P8 (12.07)
  3. P9 (08.32)
  4. P10 (13.28)
  5. P11 (13.58)
  6. P12 (08.07)
Recorded at Tesla, Berlin on 27-29 September 2006.

Photograph (front cover reproduced above) by David Scharf; design by Octobre.

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