Potlatch P113 Dedalus/Antoine Beuger/Jürg Frey

Ensemble Dedalus

Ensemble Dedalus [Didier Aschour, guitar; Antoine Beuger, flute; Cyprien Busolini, alto; Jürg Frey, clarinet; Stéphane Garin, percussion, vibraphone; Thierry Madiot, trombone].

  1. Méditations poétiques sur quelque chose d'autre [Beuger] (28.07)
  2. Canones incerti [Frey] (25.00)
  3. Lieux de passage [Beuger] (25.25)
Recorded in the Ancienne Brasserie Bouchoule, an exhibition room run by Les Instants Chavirés, track 1 on 28 April 2012, tracks 2, 3 on 27 April.

Cover graphic (reproduced above) by Octobre.

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